Announcing Denver Drone Pros

Elevation Creation / Denver Film and Video launches our new service “Denver Drone Pros” We’ve been drone filming for over two years and had a blast creating our own promo reel. Check it out! Give us a call, text or Facetime if you’re interesting in using aerial filming to elevate your profits. 303-910-0456.

Denver Drone Pros LOGO

Now Offering Animation & 3D Logos

EVOLUTION Bath and Tile

A huge thank you to Evolution Bath & Tile for hiring Elevation Creation to design their new logo identity.
Creative Designers were Daniel Montano, Jared Quintana, and 3D animator Amanda Aguero. If your
logo needs a brilliant new update, give us call!

Introducing IQYOU Health Website & Whiteboard Video

Elevation Creation is thrilled to share with you the redesigned website! IQYOU Health is a website that helps track your health, smart and simple. We refreshed the website by using new colors, new photos, and an entirely new typographical font. Additionally, IQYOU Health hired ElevationCreation to create a YouTube HD “whiteboard” demo. We hired a local highschool art teacher to sketch the original art! It’s an awesome way to present great ideas!

Needless to say, we are thrilled to be working with the great professionals at IQYOU Health!

CMS-Content Management Systems Transforming Websites

by Daniel Montano,
Captain of Creative Teams,


Many firms have an existing website but they often become outdated once there is a need promote new services. Websites may also lack new testimonials from clients or don’t highlight recent projects and achievements.  It takes only small text changes to keep a website updated.  Too often this means requesting changes to be made by your website designer, web development firm or in-house IT professional.  In many cases, although the request for these kinds of changes seem simple, web professionals are usually scheduled on other imminent tasks and small changes cannot be a top priority on their list. Your updates either are delayed or not implemented in a timely fashion. Continue reading “CMS-Content Management Systems Transforming Websites”

Designer Style Social Media Tips

The Social Media Call to Action piece is section in your Twitter Posting, Facebook Feed or blog posting that engages your audience or brings about an invitation for the user to take a step to contacting you.
This element can be a photograph or a segment of text used in a creative manner, but the important thing is that it does it’s job, to grabs your readers’ attention.  To entice a followup action, these materials often tease a special offer with a linking link that illustrates that you want the participant to take action by clicking.

This method or tool enables you to associate your social media marketing with measurable business results by leading prospects through your conversion process.

Continue reading “Designer Style Social Media Tips”