Part of what Got Hail CO excels at is making sure that you understand every step process and each on of your questions/concerns is answered.  Below are answers your most frequently asked questions about auto hail repair, car dent removal, insurance questions about hail damage claims, and more.

Common Questions

Will my rates go up or will my insurance drop me for filing a claim?

100% NO It was not your fault ice fell from the sky and damaged your car and your insurance knows this. Its classified as a no fault claim. Natural disasters have no effect on your insurance.

How long do I have to file a claim and get the repair done

You technically have 24 months to file your claim

After you file you have 12 months to get it repaired or your insurance can and usually will drop your comprehensive coverage.

How do you repair the damage

We use several options depending on the level of damage and what is best to restoring full value and safety to your vehicle.

Paintless dent removal

Panel replacement

Body work


How much will this cost me

We negotiate the repair price with your insurance company. In most cases when you pick up your vehicle you will pay 0. If you have a bad insurance policy, you could pay up to $500 when you pick up your vehicle. We will tell you before we start the repair.

How long does this take

This all depends on your insurance. The repair itself can take between 1-5 days. Insurance adjusters can take 3-12 days (and in some cases longer) to come out and inspect the vehicle at the shop.

I don’t have rental car coverage and need to drive to work

We provide and pay for your rental car while we fix your vehicle so you have little interruption to your life.